Cellulitis is an acute or chronic inflammation disease of the connective tissue of the skin, caused by infection with a category of bacteria (streptococcus staphylococcus or other bacteria).

Cellulitis often occurs on exposed areas of the body for example the arms, legs, and face. It is exemplify by redness, swelling, warmth and pain or tenderness.

The swelling can increase rapidly.


Cellulitis occurs when the bacteria go through a rupture in the skin. This rupture need not be observable to the naked eyes. Group A. Streptococcus bacteria and Staphylococcus bacteria are mainly common bacteria which can cause cellulitis. Inclining factors for cellulitis include insect bites, animal bites, recent surgery, itchy (pruritic) skin rash, dry skin, eczema, athlete's foot, burns and boils, lymphedema swelling, patients on immunosuppressive or corticosteroid medications, diabetes etc.


The affected area is red because of the inflammation and there might be warmth over it. Glossy, tight, "stretched" emergence of the skin is commonly seen. Tenderness or Pain of the affected area is also seen. Other symptoms that might be seen include fever with or without chills, fatigue, sweating, malaise, muscle pains (myalgia) and. occasionally, local lymph nodes might be swollen.

Self-care for Cellulitis patients

Rest the affected part of the body raises the infected area to reduce the swelling and to relieve the uneasiness.

Suggestion concerning homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy can effectively control cases of cellulitis. The skin swelling, redness and pain can wonderfully treated with homeopathy. Not only does homeopathy effectively control acute cellulitis but it also helps in preventing the recurring attacks in cases where this tendency is present. Local care of the affected part collective with homeopathic treatment can ensure good recovery of cellulitis.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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