Chyluria is a morbid state in which the urine contains chyle or fatty matter, giving it a milky look.


Filariasis :- This is the most common cause of Chyluria. Filariasis is widespread in some areas, for the most part in the Asian continent. Repeated filarial attacks lead to obstruction of lymph flow. This leads to dilatation of the lymphatics and later they rupture into urinary system leading to milky urine.

Non-parasitical causes of Chyluria :- Abscesses, Tumors, trauma, tuberculosis, congenital, etc.


Milky look of the urine is the striking sign of Chyluria. Protracted Chyluria results in loss of weight and subcutaneous fat, lymphopenia, hypoprotenemia and anaemia.


Lymphography demonstrates the site, the competence and the number of the fistulous communications.

Suggestion about homeopathic Chyluria treatment

Homeopathy can have a specific role to play in the Chyluria treatment, because of parasitic origin, trauma, abscesses, tuberculosis, etc. In these cases Homeopathy can help to reduce the swelling of the lymphedematous limb as well control its development. It can also help in preventing superadded infection of the lymphedematous limb. Congenital cases in which structural abnormalities of the lymphatics are evident may not be helped much with medical treatment. Chyluria due to tumors may also have to be treated surgically and Homeopathy may have only a helpful role to play in such cases. A fair trial with homeopathy is suggested for all cases especially those that have not responded well to conventional treatment.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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