Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid inflammatory disease :

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is associate degree disease that causes chronic inflammation of the joints. This condition can even have an effect on the tissues close the joints (muscles, tendons, ligaments) moreover as different organs of the body (skin, blood vessels, heart, lungs and muscles).

RA may be a chronic condition and it tends to last for several years tho' there square measure periods in between once the patient is with none symptom. RA may be a progressive condition and over a amount of your time, it causes joint destruction and purposeful incapacity.

Causes :

Scientists mostly believe that the tendency to develop autoimmune disease could also be genetically inheritable . it's additionally suspected that sure infections or factors within the environmentmight trigger the system to attack the body's own tissues (Autoimmune response), leading to inflammation.

In any case, the reaction response causes chronic inflammation of the joints, that later progresses to joint destruction. Stress will act a predisposing issue moreover as a trigger to induce acute episodes of the condition.

The unwellness is 3 times a lot of common in ladies as compared to men. It afflicts folks of all races equally. The unwellness will begin at any age, however peak incidence is seen between forty to sixty years ancient.

Symptoms :

The course of RA varies from patient to patient. There square measure stages once the unwellness is active and this is often referred to as a natural event. In between the flare-ups square measure episodes once the patient is completely free from symptoms, such periods square measure referred to as Remissions.

    • Common symptoms throughout the active stage of RA square measure as follows:
    • Joint swelling, redness and tenderness
    • Joint stiffness
    • Limited vary of motion of joints
    • Deformities of hands and feet (at later stages)
    • Muscular pains
    • Fever
    • Loss of craving
    • Usually multiple joints square measure affected at just once (polyarthritis)
    • Symmetrical heart of joints is common
    • Small joints of hands and feet; elbows, ankles square measure usually concerned
    • Skin redness or inflammation
    • Round, painless nodules underneath the skin
    • Inflammation of the respiratory organ (pleurisy)
    • Swollen glands
    • Anemia

Homeopathic treatment :

RA being a constitutional unwellness that's motorcar immune in nature, requires constitutional medication. medical aid offers glorious treatment for the cases of RA, particularly for those that haven't developed joint deformities. The pain management is extremely effective with medical aid and this is often with none facet effects some. The treatment can even have a task to play in dominant the progress of the condition to some extent and in delaying the onset of complications. medical aid is extremely powerfully advised for all cases of autoimmune disease.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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