Uterine Fibroids

Uterine Fibroids :

Uterine fibroid or nonmalignant tumor may be a non-cancerous, benign growth within the female internal reproductive organ. they're additionally referred to as fibromyoma, myofibroma and fibroleiomyoma.

Fibroids vary in size and in location, they will be Intra mural (inside the cavity), Submucosal (in the wall of the uterus), Subserosal (on the outer facet of uterus) or within the cervix sometimes.

Fibroids area unit usually found throughout the center and later procreative years and ordinarily seen in overweight girls.

Causes :

The exact reason for female internal reproductive organ Fibroid continues to be not clear however their growth seems to rely on increasing internal hormone levels. Genetic factors area unit celebrated to incorporate development of female internal reproductive organ fibroids. Also, suppressed sexual wishes and functions area unit usually found to be one among the explanations in several patients.

Symptoms :

While most fibroids area unit well, they will grow and cause some symptoms betting on their location and size, like:

    • Excessive, heavy, irregular or prolonged hurt female internal reproductive organ heaviness Pain in lower abdomen normally Painful sexual activity Bloating physiological state Abdominal lump Urinary frequency intestine pressure with constant urging for stool

Diagnosis :

The designation is primarily done by AN Ultrasound (USG) abdomen.

Homeopathic Treatment :

Early and delicate or moderate cases of female internal reproductive organ fibroid usually answer homoeopathy. giant and multiple fibroids might take terribly long, and homoeopathy might not be steered for those cases.

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