Vocal Cord Nodule

Vocal Cord Nodule :

A polyp could be a growth (usually benign) projected from a membrane. once polyps square measure seen over vocal cords they're referred to as as vocal polyps or vocal nodules.

Vocal cords square measure like 2 strings gift within the larynx (larynx) and square measure fully essential for communication. Nodules on the vocal cords interfere with traditional voice functioning and turn out a gruff, breathy or weak voice.

Causes :

Vocal nodules develop from numerous reasons starting from voice overuse (such as prolonged singing, shouting or loud talking) or butt smoke, infection, or chronic inflammation and rubor. Moreover, it's believed that polyps or nodules square measure Associate in Nursing allergic inflammatory reaction. allergic reaction is Associate in Nursing altered state of traditional immunity that overreacts to otherwise harmless agents.

Symptoms :

The commonest symptom of vocal nodules is gruffness. The voice may additionally sound low-pitched or slightly breathy.

Homeopathic treatment :

Homeopathy encompasses a terribly positive role within the management of vocal polyps, particularly after they square measure little in size. just in case of pros for whom voice is that the solely factor that matters, risk of alteration of voice quality as a complication of surgery, may be terribly serious. curiously, timely administered homoeopathy treatment will facilitate avoid surgery.

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