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Frequently Asked Questions

If I select on-line treatment at Lifeline clinics, can my case be studied by Dr. Mahendra Kabra?

Yes, Dr. Mahendra Kabra in person reviews all on-line cases.

Can I consult with Dr. Mahendra Kabra over the phone throughout the course of treatment?

Yes, If your case demands your rebuke Dr Kabra necessary.

Does Dr. Mahendra Kabra create himself offered for consultation throughout his travels in alternative cities,States &countries?

Dr. Kabra likes to visualize the patients where he travels. Intimation is distributed to our patients from that country or state before Dr. Kabras scheduled visits.

Why does one advocate homeopathy?

homoeopathy is suggested as a result of it treats, particularly the chronic diseases, at a deeper level giving lasting relief as compared to the standard medicines which provides temporary relief in most chronic diseases.

Which diseases square measure treated well with homeopathy?

Homeopathy is simpler for chronic and revenant diseases like allergies, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, skin diseases, chronic infections, muscular diseases, metabolic diseases, psycho-somatic diseases, etc. to call a number of the many diseases wherever homoeopathy may prove effective: Allergies, arthritis, psoriasis, vitiligo, lichen, urticaria, migraine, sinusitis, frequent colds, autism, spondylitis, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, viral hepatitis, ADHD, inactive thyroid, atrophic arthritis, Chalazion, anxiety disorders, depression, GERD, hair loss, neuralgy, and lots of additional. Please click here to visualize a bigger list of diseases.

How do i do know if homoeopathy will facilitate my disease?

A qualified and skilled medical care doctor will decide if your unwellness will be helped with homoeopathy or not.

Is homoeopathy slow to act?

Homeopathy is comparatively slow to act repeatedly, if not continuously, as compared to chemical based mostly convention medicines.

Is homoeopathy safe?

Homeopathy is nearly continuously safe thanks to the character of medicines, if prescribed by qualified medical care doctor. it's safe for babies, pregnant females and senior folks.

Do medical care medicines contain corticosteroid or steroid?

No, medical care medicines don't contain any corticosteroid or steroid.

How is Lifeline clincs medical care treatment totally different than alternative regular medical care clinics in my town or country?

Well, Lifeline Clinics and analysis Institute and not simply a clinic. underneath care of Dr.Mahendra Kabra, MD, a world notable practitioner, Lifeline clinics square measure committed to high-quality analysis based mostly treatments on and knowledge of Dr. Kabra for concerning thirty two years. It additionally has the advantage to latest analysis work conducted at Lifeline. Lifeline has given distinctive homoeopathy expertise to our patients from over ninety one countries through teleconsultation and video conference.

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