Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Extreme in moods are becoming ever more common problem. Medically, it is known as Bipolar mood disorder is one kind of psychological disorder which is usually characterize by extreme and intense dangle in one’s behavior and moods like swings of mood from excessive joy to extreme or deepest sadness or depression. This type of intense change in the mood usually comes or appears in a phasic and cyclic manner, which can last for few days to even for months.


The causes of Bipolar Disorder may not be unstated in all cases. There are some internal and external factors. The internal factors include hereditary factors, metabolic and hormonal factors. The external factors include incidental socio-economic & personal stress factors can trigger and maintain the disease condition. At times a difficult chronic physical illness may be followed by depression or can cause depression because of long continued disease suffering. Some drugs like corticosteroids or chemotherapy medicines can bring on mood changes.


Symptoms may differ according to the phase of disease. They are known to have spiky swings. A patient who is tremendously nervous, depressed and deplorable may suddenly become aggressive and violent.

Depressive State Normal Mental State à Manic State

Symptoms of Depressive state:

  • Constant feeling of sadness and bad feeling.
  • Loss of sleep
  • Loss of energy
  • Persistent lethargy and tiredness. May be chronic feeling of tiredness not relieved by sleep.
  • Lack of concentration in daily work.
  • Lack of interest in life and in work
  • Irritability
  • Inability to tolerate slight opposition
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss may be found
  • Suicidal thoughts may come
  • Low self esteem

Symptoms of manic state:

  • Impractical but strong belief about own power. Sometimes they might become violent.
  • Increased talkativeness, cursing, fantasizing, prophesying which is dreamlike to time, place and situation
  • Extreme feeling of happiness.
  • Tendency to rash driving, with little observe for safety of self and others.
  • Tendency to spend money lavishly or unnecessarily
  • Completely unaware about the nearby real world.
  • Increase possibility to get addicted like smoking, alcohol, tobacco, or gambling.
  • Increased physical activity & excitement

Homeopathic treatment

Bipolar disorder can be effectively controlled with homeopathy, especially in the early stages. At Lifeline treating several patients of Bipolar Disorder and more often than not half of the patients have had good improvement. Homeopathy helps in stabilizing mood, reduce the tantrums in intensity and in occurrence also. The condition requires patience. Slowly & steadily, definite improvement can be observed.

It must be noted that those patients who are on heavy anti-depression medicines for over two years, are not good candidates for homeopathic treatment.

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