Raised vital sign is tagged as cardiovascular disease. In realism, vital sign of a private tends to extend with advancing age. So, term cardiovascular disease are used once vital sign exceeds the conventional vary for a selected people.

Unattended vital sign will result in variety of great complications together with stroke, heart diseases, renal failure, etc.


Hypertension is extremely common generally population. However, in ninety fifth of cases a particular underlying reason for cardiovascular disease can not be discovered. This cardiovascular disease is tagged as hyperpiesia and is believed to be associated with genetic and heredity factors. There area unit multiple factors that increase probabilities of cardiovascular disease significantly: Age, Obesity, High levels of body fats (cholesterol), Excess consumption of alcohol and smoking, Food (more salt intake), Life-style factors (lack of exercise, lack of sleep, mental stress, etc). there's a awfully tiny cluster of cases wherever illness} may be a results of some specific disease condition within the body and is tagged as hypertension.

It may be simply perceived that cardiovascular disease may be a constitutional disorder as constitutional defect (genetic factors) is at the bottom of it and therefore the disorder itself has impact on entire constitution of a private. Whereas treating cardiovascular disease, the treatment has to be planned to focus at a root level: to have an effect on the genetic tendency. Medical care treatment will that exactly.

Suggestion concerning medical care treatment:

Homeopathy will play major role in management of essential or hypertension. Timely administered medical aid medicines will assist in preventing any complications of condition. Life-style modification with moderate exercise, weight reduction, and salt restriction will enhance the advantages of medical aid.

In our expertise, early cases of cardiovascular disease reply to medical aid far better than those late cases United Nations agency area unit already on some medicine medicines for long amount of your time. Again, medical aid isn't best suited throughout the acute hypertensive crisis. We, at vital force, undertake solely early cases of cardiovascular disease, United Nations agency don't seem to be on the standard anti-hypertensive medications. we tend to conjointly undertake those resistant cases United Nations agency haven't gone through the standard treatment.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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