Verruca Plana

Verruca Plana :

Verruca Plana is additionally referred to as flat warts. they're typically harmless and painless, and lots of escape on their own when months to years. they have an inclination to remain tiny in size, however they'll be varied in amount. They usually unfold to alternative places on the body by scratching or shaving.

Causes :

They are common growths caused by AN infection of the surface (superficial) skin with the human papillomavirus (HPV), that thickens the highest skin layer.

Warts might unfold in humans by person-to-person contact or, rarely, by touching AN object utilized by AN infected person. they're not extremely contagious and frequently need atiny low break within the skin to become infected.

Warts are often found on individuals of all ages, all races, and each sexes. However, warts ar most typically seen in youths aged 12-16 years. In fact, it's calculable that two hundredth of schoolchildren have warts. in addition, whites ar additional usually affected with warts than darker-skinned persons.

People with weakened immune systems (such like HIV or following AN organ transplant) have additional bother with warts.

Symptoms :

The most common locations for flat warts embrace the following:

    • Face, particularly in youngsters
    • Neck
    • Backs of hands
    • Arms
    • Legs, particularly in ladies UN agency shave
    • Beard space, particularly in men UN agency shave
    • Flat warts ar terribly slightly raised swish skin-colored bumps travel in size from one to five millimetre. Flat warts ar typically varied and will seem during a line as a result of reinfection at intervals identical person (autoinoculation) from scratching or shaving.

Gradation of the warts :

Infection with flat warts are often hierarchal as follows:

    • Mild: one or a couple of painless warts
    • Moderate: ten - one hundred painless lesions
    • Severe: quite one hundred lesions that cause enough pain to limit traditional life activities

Homeopathic Treatment :

Homeopathy medicines have anti-viral effectivity and it woks o.k. for keratosis Plana. medical care is powerfully advised for all cases of keratosis Plana.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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